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Our stylists are up to date with the latest hair colour trends and techniques and believe in the importance of your colour complementing your cut for the perfect finish.

To offer a comprehensive range of hair colour services at rates to suit all budgets, our stylists prices are tiered based on their experience and demand for their services.


A bit of a buzz word right now, Balayage is hand painting the hair to create seamless fades between different tones.

Our stylists can use similar tones for a sun-kissed look or contrasting colours for a more dramatic finish.

Prices From: £45 – £88

Hi-lighting and Lo-Lighting

Fine pieces of hair are lightened (or made darker in the case of Lo-Lights) to create a three-dimensional colour change.

Hi-lights can also be used as the perfect way to manage the first signs of greys.

Prices From: £45 – £88

Tinting and Glossing

An all-over colour is perfect to create a stunning and classy hairstyle. Our Glossing service adds the extra shine that you’ll adore.

Prices From: £44 – £53

Colour Correction

From blondes with a green tinge, to over-processed hair, uneven application and too much warmth, we’ve corrected the colour of women who have suffered all sorts of hair colour disasters.

Whether you had it coloured elsewhere or did it yourself at home, our message to you is: don’t be too embarrassed to come in and get your colour corrected. We don’t guarantee we will have your hair exactly how you want it after your first colour correction appointment, but we will make sure you are happy with the way it looks and will plan your journey to the hair colour you were looking to achieve.

Price Upon Consultation

At Fredrick Hairdressing we put our clients’ safety first and request that all clients have a skin test 48 hours before your first colour appointment.


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