Professional Hair Products We Believe In

Your Perfect Haircare Solutions

We’ve hand-picked professional hair products that use first class organic ingredients, are suitable for all hair types and have not been tested on animals.

On your visit to Frederick Hairdressing you’ll also receive after care advice and a home care package that will enable you to look as good between visits as you did when you left the salon.

Why You’ll Love Fuente

We’re proud to be the exclusive Fuente Hair Salon in Cambridge and when you try these naturally-based hair colours and products that really work you’ll understand why.

It’s a luxurious brand that has great ecological values, uses natural organic ingredients and doesn’t use animal products or test on them either.

Why You’ll Love Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell has been synonymous with style for more than 35 years and they are always at the forefront of the industry.

Your hair will thrive with their professional colours, products and styling tools – but you’ll also love the brand’s environmental, ethical and vegan-friendly values.

Why You’ll Love Mitch For Men

From the creators of affordable luxury, Paul Mitchell®, the latest collection leads the way in the male grooming market.

MITCH™ contains a versatile assortment of styling pastes, creams, pomades, gels, glues and texturisers providing the tools to achieve healthy-looking styles, fresh for the catwalk.

Why You’ll Love Marula Oil

If you’re a fan of Argan Oil, you’ll be blown away by Marula Oil which is the purest and highest quality possible, with 50% more protective antioxidants than Argan Oil.

The high concentration of nutrients and oleic acids will help hydrate, repair and moisturize your hair at the deepest levels.

Why You’ll Love The Macademia No Tangle Styler Brush

Is untangling knotty hair the bane of your life? The No Tangle Brush features a unique flex bristle design that gently diffuse tangles and knots painlessly.

This enables you to safely de-tangle your hair without pulling, split ends or breakage.