The Hair Team

Rhys, Senior Stylist


Our most senior stylist, Rhys has over 25 years’ of hairdressing experience. He has a very loyal fan…sorry….client base who have followed him all over Cambridge. Precision haircutting is Rhys’ strength and he takes his time getting to know a client in order to create a cut that is perfect for them. He loves to pass on his knowledge and experience to other team members -particularly our future professionals. He is passionate about his two dogs and would love to be Cambridge’s answer to The Dog Whisperer!

Senior stylist Kate


Like Rhys, our senior stylist Kate has many years’ experience and has been with Frederick for almost as long as the salon has been open. Kate finds a total cut and colour restyle her most fulfilling thing to do for a client – who wouldn’t want to see a client leave the salon feeling a million dollars? If she couldn’t be a hairdresser she would love to be a photographer – still keeping those creative juices flowing!  The Paul Mitchell must-have for Kate is the colour lock shampoo to keep her clients’ new hair colour looking fab for as long as possible. If she were an ice-cream flavour she would be vanilla as it’s the perfect base to apply a myriad of toppings to create a masterpiece!


Coral has been with Frederick for several years now and is a great all-rounder when it comes to clients and their hair. She loves a ‘daring’ client who wants something completely different! Not one to follow the crowd herself, Coral feels being a hairdresser allows her to help clients express themselves. If she was an ice cream she says she would be mint choc chip – as who wouldn’t want minty fresh breath after indulging in some lovely ice cream? Recently Coral had a beautiful baby boy but has just finished her maternity leave and is back working with us again on a Friday and Saturday! Welcome back Coral!

Hair stylist Amy


One of our lovely stylists, Amy joined Frederick in 2016 after several years gaining experience in other salons. She is superb with hair up for weddings or special occasions and enjoys creating that special “up do” for a client. Equally though she loves cutting and colouring – a great all-rounder. Her Paul Mitchell hero product is Fast Form although she loves all the products as they offer solutions to everyone’s hair needs and smell amazing. She professes a love of being clean and tidy and can often be caught rearranging our store cupboards for us! If Amy were an ice cream flavour she would have to be candyfloss – candyfloss is her guilty pleasure!

Hair stylist Izzy


After completing an apprenticeship at another salon, stylist Izzy joined us in 2016. Izzy just loves to do a sharp clean cut, but also likes to team that with a fab set of highlights for a total makeover. She has always wanted to be a hairdresser – giving all her Barbie dolls makeovers from a young age. Her Paul Mitchell must have is anything form the Awapuhi and Wild Ginger range-instant moisture and repair even after just one use. If she was an ice-cream flavour she would be strawberry – sweet and just a little fruity!

Future professional Jade


As a future professional, Jade and is training at college as well as alongside Rhys. She is already showing a flair for hair up and colouring and has always wanted to work within the hair industry. If she couldn’t be a hairdresser she would love to have been a dancer. As she is a major chocoholic she says she would have to pick chocolate as her ice cream flavour!

The Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapist Donna


Donna is our lady in the beauty room. She has always enjoyed being creative and originally trained as a make up artist before moving onto other aspects of beauty therapy and Naturalaser. She thought about teaching before training as a therapist and her hero product is Juliette Armand Hyaluronic acid serum for hydrating skin. She says her flavour ice-cream would have to be cookie dough!

The Supporting Cast

Frederick Hairdressing salon owner Judith


The Boss. When she was left a small inheritance by her parents (Lennie and Fred -after whom the salon is named) she knew she wanted to open a business that she and her son Rhys could work in together. She just loves being in the buzz of the salon and taking care of the guests and team alike. She brings a wealth of customer care experience to Frederick and you may even have your hair shampooed by her! Judith says if she was an ice cream flavour she would be rum and raisin – a splash of something naughty and one of your five a day in a dessert bowl can’t be bad. Can it?

Billie Lawler Fredericks salon


Working in a support role to Judith and the team, Billie ensures they are all looked after. She has been a retail manager and run a homeless hostel, amongst other jobs, and is an holistic therapist too. She is hoping that she may be able to train as a colourist as it’s been something she has wanted to do for many years. Her Paul Mitchell Hero product is The Conditioner-a leave in product she’s been using for 25 years! If she were an ice-cream she’d be Vanilla – you can’t beat a classic.

Dennis Baldwin


Dennis is our graphics designer and handyman extraordinaire and has been married to Judith for well over 30 years. The pair make a great team and work well together. Den just loves the atmosphere at the salon and is our coffee guru. So if you love the coffee at Frederick thank Den!


Having joined us in a support role, starting with stock control and admin, Karen found she loved the salon atmosphere so much that has progressed to many more front of house activities too. Like Judith, Karen feels customer service is key and as an air hostess travelling the world looking after passengers she certainly gained a wealth of experience! She feels inspired to get more hands on and has just started shampoo training. Karen couldn’t pick a Paul Mitchell favourite product as she loves too many of them!

The man behind the salon


Frederick, or Fred as he was always known, was Judith’s Dad and Rhys’ Grandad and is who the salon was named after. He would be very proud of what Frederick represents and of the hardwork put in by all team members to look after our guests. He and Lennie (Mum and Grandma) left a totally unexpected legacy for each of their daughters and this was what made Frederick Hairdressing possible. We salute you Fred!!